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Living Large While Walking On Eggshells....
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Friday, September 11th, 2009
5:16 pm
driving me crazy
My bf and I had a $ problem and my roommate said let me help we did not ask her she offerd. she said she would pay the phone and cable witch we thanked her for and went about our day. She was on the phone with a friend telling them that we expected her too pay the bills and she was mad that we asked her to pay them we did not ask her she said she would. So I have been hearing all the month about how she can't afford to buy a DVD she can't buy herself something for her brithday and she can't take off for her brithday and it is all my bf and my fault. i thing she is being a bitch we never said hey pay cable and phone she offerd so who is being the bitch me or her?

Current Mood: aggravated
Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009
2:54 pm
At it again
Well crybaby is at it again. Her and my bf got in fight over the phone bill because she was saying she had payed her half and my bf was saying no you did not. He would never try to cheat her out of money. They had a big fight and my roommate gave my bf the money but she was very disrepectful when she did and spoke to him in mean tone. Then you guessed it started to cry and woke me up. The next day I woke up and my meds for my tummy were gone she stole to try to make me sick thank god I had one refill left. Then she told Jason if Erin will not talk to me I will just talk to you. When she came home I was making dinner and everytime I went to go check on dinner of left the room she would talk to Jason. The min i came back in the room she would not say a word to him. What a bitch! I posted about her befor that she kissed  y bf and she was not allowed to sit by him or be alone with him. She better not even lookk at him I will beat her down.
Friday, March 6th, 2009
12:45 pm
My Roommate Is A Cry Baby And Dumd
   Hello Everyone with a hellish roommate. I think my roomate is the worst. She is stuip and a crybaby. Everything was fine when she frist moved in. She looks like an angel innocent and sweet,but she is not. I don't even know where to start.Well, I guess at the frist thing she did. She kissed my boyfriend when I was sleeping and he was drunk. Thank God I woke up and caught her with her lips all over my boyfriend. I sprung into action and jump on her,and my boyfriend had to pull me off her. Then she said I never met for you find out. I am so sorry. After that she cried about me yelling at her she  kissed him my boyfriend. The next thing she did I asked her to wash dishes and she did not know how. She had to ask me how to use the washing machine. She has no idea how to cook she never had to cook. She also asked me how to use the dryier. She cried when my boyfriend yells at me. I can't even look at  her she is why are you looking at me stop and starts to cry. When we have a roommate meeting she cries what I do and never even said we are mad at her. We tell her what she doing or not doing and she cries we are trying make it easier for all of us to live together. Her lastest cry baby thing is last night she went out and got her self a dvd vhs player. She had a problem hooking it up and she started cry a river. Just stop crying if you see her on here run the other way her sceen name is nomad9158

Current Mood: aggravated
Friday, April 7th, 2006
1:00 pm
Well Im new to this community and it looks like you dont have much action going on now adays, but I need to vent. My roomate seemed like a very nice girl when I met her. She was alot different than me. Loud, but not a life of the party type. Never drank, never smoked, never done anything with the opposite sex other than kiss and makeout. Me on the other hand, began drinking my senior year, started smoking after I graduated, have dabbled a little in drug experimentation and lost my virginity at age 15. We both are Lutherans. I am a Bible School teacher and I do partake in church activities.She is on council and gets upset when somethign doesnt happen the way she thinks it should...so she bitches. She says the church is against her and bad mouths other members of her church. Thats not what church is about. She says that she was there before the problems and she will be there after the problems...you know she has to be the best.

She was soon to be found out. Shes very self centered. She has a wonderful family and her mother even makes us goodie bags. All she does is treat her mother like shit. Yells at her on the phone tells her father that her mother is a moron and useless. She has started to drink a lil and has loosened up but still is an attention seeking whore. Her voice raises to a level that would make one deaf when someone enters the room. She wears bikini tops to band parties where people can do body shots from licking vodka from her navel. Yet I am the whore? Anyway...tells her mother about me making a bowl in the room and how I smoke. She doesnt tell her mother that she drinks though. My mother knows I smoke cigarettes occasionally, they know I drink, they hear about every test I take, they know i have a tattoo...they should I can trust them and they can trust me. She doesnt clean at all. I have done the shower every time. I come home late while shes asleep and Im quiet about it. She has people over till 2 am when I have 9 am classes. Her friends are just as loud as her.

Today I skipped a review class to study...she doesnt skip classes. Yes her GPA is better than mine, but Ive been having a rough time here and Im still maintaining A's and B's as a pre med major. Anyhoo. I said Im glad we dont have our honors class today and she goes yeah but youll sleep instead of working on your project and then you will bitch about it later because its not done. EXCUSE ME!!! ALL SHE DOES IS BITCH AND COMPLAIN AND DRAW ATTENTION TO HERSELF. I couldnt take it. I said yep and got my books and left. Shes sitting there now being quiet...I want to rip her hair out so Im going to my friends room.
Monday, September 27th, 2004
1:44 am
I pity her horribleness
Her name is Sarah, she idolizes her computer, she hardly ever leaves, she keeps the room at 100 degrees, and she is useless!

The worst part is, she is part of the reason I am joining the military! There are 3 billion reason's I can choose from as to why I'm joining and she is one of them! she is that bad.

My good friend ken once told me while completely pissed (drunk), that she has a voice that could shrink testicles!!!

Current Mood: peppy
Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
1:47 am
A possible roommate from hell.
Ok so i'm not quite roommmates with her
One of my friends and I are planning on moving in together sometime in the near future and i'm a little skeptical about it. My friend, although I love her, is messy, a eat-a-holic, partier, and is unsure of if she will graduate, get a job or even move in with me.

Now I know what your thinking, Why move in with someone like that? Well that's exactly what i'm thinking. I have a couple of other friends that I can possibly move in with, and i'm contemplating that.

I'm also contemplating going to one of these roommates.com sites and looking for another roommmate, but that's not at all reliable either. So what to do?

Move in with my friend who is unreliable and broke?
Move in with another one of my friends who is very reliable?
Move in with my unreliable friend and someone whom I find online?

Any Advice?
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